Windows Media Audio ...

... respectively  WMA is an audio  format  developed by Microsoft,  which  allows  You to adjust the bit rate and
the sampling frequence in a variety  of ways during the converting procedure.

This can also create smaller audio files in an acceptable sound quality.

The advantages are obviously - shorter download  time, effective  usage of the  storage sytem, clean streaming.

The  music - sound , which  You probably  hear  in  the  background   by   visiting  the  current   webpage  -  or clicking the audio player - is  not(!) converted  in WMA, because the state of the art browsers are unfortunately 
no  more  supporting  the WMA format.

If  you  want  to listen some WMA music  samples, click
the  MUSIC  link.  You will  need  a media player, which  supports  the  WMA  format - such  as  Windows  Media Player or VLC-Player, etc...



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